Hand Tied Hair Extensions/ Natural Beaded Row Hand Tied Extensions – worth the price?

Ever dreamed of having long mermaid hair that looked beautiful and effortless. There is some sort of “va voom” that only extensions can provide over natural hair.

14+ years of using extensions also means I’ve had them all…the glue ins, the tape ins, the micro beads, the clip ins and so on….but lately almost every blogger or influencer I have seen, has been talking about these “hand tied extensions”.

The only thing I knew going into it , from a short amount of research, was that this hair was pricy and hard to find!

Will it be worth it? Is it really that different from others I have tried?



The Method: 

Come in for a consultation to really get a feel of what you will be getting into. There are only a select amount of stylists who are in the South Carolina area that specialize and know these extension methods. We also teach other stylists in our area, and certify them in this method if we are unable to get you in with one of our stylists. (If you live in a major city, especially on the west coast, the search should be much easier for you.)

During a consultation, a certified stylist will tell you what to expect. This is the LEAST damaging , least maintenance required and least noticeable extension (permanent or not) method out there.wefts of extensions are then sewn (or “hand tied” ) onto the thread (not your hair or scalp) to give a more natural looking part. The tension string and beads are customized to your head. There is no heat, no glue, no tape and minimal points of contact with your real hair. The best part (for me) is that you can add as many wefts on one string to make it look natural so you don’t have to have a head full of tapes or beads…I only have two rows of extensions, making it a breeze to have my hair up without the bulkiness of other methods.

The Maintenance :

Although natural beaded row extensions are no mess, no fuss…you do have to have them moved up as your hair grows. Because this method mimics your natural hair rows, it is not easily noticeable when its time for a move up but may become uncomfortable and heavier the longer you wait. The recommendation is to have the extensions moved up about every 4- 8 weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows etc.)

Moving up is a much quicker fix than upkeep on other extension types. All they do is cut the string and move the minimal amount of beads up rather than your whole head having to be redone.

For best results and long wear out of your hair, at home maintenance asks to brush your hair often with a wet brush, use products that bring moisture (like leave in conditioner) to your new human hair and sleep in a low pony tail or braid(s).

As for how long the actual hair lasts before you have to buy a new set? I was told up to 8 months…however If you have ever had clip ins they last for YEARS and they are perfectly fine even if they are meant to have a lifespan of about a year. The better care you take of this hair , the longer it will last.

The Price:

This should go without saying that all pricing will be different. Price will depend on what kind of hair is purchased, where you go, your stylist prices, length of hair etc. etc.

It really doesn’t matter if you go to a huge, fancy, in the city, salon that all the youtubers go to that maybe you could save some money? However, These services take hours and all range about the same.

The first visit will be the most expensive!!! You have to purchase the hair! Depending on your natural hair is if its fine or pretty thick to match your hair care needs. Also the length 14 - 22” is a different cost. Everything at the salon will be “a la carte”

Cost of hair extensions alone - starting at $375+

Cost of hair extension installation - starting at $200+

Total: Starting at $975+

If you have a solid hair color and will not require anything else then thats it! Under $1400 for natural beaded row / hand tied extensions is an amazing deal! (Even if it doesn’t seem like it.)

A grand total a little over $1300 for everything including tip for the services. This amount is about the same as most cities in the US.

The Conclusion:

I definitely think this extension method is least damaging and will continue to grow in popularity. In my mind it is kind of having a mix of all the best parts of micro beaded extensions and clip ins.

Our clients are absolutely LOVING their new hair. The curls hold so well that I can take out the sleeping braids, give their hair a brushing and go straight to work!

If you are interesting in these services we offer, please click the link below! We would love to see you!