Why Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

I have had a lot of clients, friends and family message me about my recent “transformation” with my new hair, by Morgen Fuller, @morgenhollyhair. So here it is, almost 2 years ago I became certified in Habit Hand Tied Extensions. I have invested a lot in my education to bring the best of the best services to my clients. My Salon, Studio Meraki is the first in Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, South Carolina area to be a Certified Hand Tied Hair Extension Specialist. A lot of salons are now doing these services but they don’t have the education behind them. We are advising anyone interested to make sure your stylist is certified. We are now offering hand tied extension education for other stylists and salons. “We believe there is enough sunshine for everyone!”

These extensions are the safest, most natural looking hair extensions. Custom colored and cut just for you. 

No glue! No tape, *extremely minimally damaging if at all and the most comfortable of all extensions.

*You can wear high ponies, braids, buns, any style is possible.

I NEVER thought that I would specialize in hair extensions, let alone wear them. I know that sounds crazy, but I hated that every other method I have tried did not give the fullness that extensions need in order to make them look real. Don't you hate that? When you are walking around and the girl in front of you is wearing extensions, and you can see her beads, tapes or wefts showing in the hair? Or is that just me?! With Hand Tied Hair Extensions, each client has enough hair to cut into, in order to blend into the natural hair. Not to mention, it gives you the ability to still wear your hair up, brush through without snagging a bead, tape or tab, and still manages to hide seamlessly in your hair. How can anyone say no to that?! These extensions are meant for all hair types. Fine hair, thick hair, medium hair. They are customized for YOU.